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Embark on a spellbinding literary adventure with an author session with Sophie, the author of The Best-Kept Secret! While the tale unfolds against the backdrop of Pendle Hill in Lancashire, the theme extends far beyond regional boundaries. Our mission is to empower children across the country, urging them to draw inspiration from their everyday surroundings, igniting their creativity and sparking a passion for writing. Join us in adding the extra to the ordinary as we delve into the enchanting world of 'Magic in the Mundane'.


Magic in the Mundane


Sophie is a dynamic author who wears many hats. Not all of them are tall, pointy and conical. As a professional poet, performer, and educator, she weaves the magic of poetry into a theatrical performance, ensuring it is fun, inspiring and unforgettable.

 author session with Sophie includes a highly interactive, immersive and creative reading of 'The Best Kept Secret', featuring magical props, music, a bubbling cauldron, a slime-covered baby dragon and costumes for all.

The session begins with an introduction to The Best-kept Secret, followed by a brief exploration of the history of the Lancashire witches and the inspiration behind the book. All the children actively participate in reading the book. The more adventurous children don costumes and take on brief speaking roles while everyone else contributes by becoming Demdike's helpers,  wearing witches' hats, casting the spell and conjuring up the dragon. And, of course, we can't overlook the essential contribution of the whoopee cushion orchestra...

'It was very mysterious and entertaining, and most of all, it was thrilling.  I liked that she got everyone involved.

  Charlie.Year 5

'The author wrote her book beautifully.  She was brilliant in the workshop, giving us parts to play and a spell to cast.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and  especially the fact that there were some historically accurate features as well.'

Holly, Year 5

'I really liked her presentation.  She put lots of effort in.  We all got a part too, which was fair, and I liked the witch's theme.'

 Gracie, Year 5 

'Magic in the Mundane'  A bespoke video presentation tailored specifically for the pupils at your school based on their local area. This part of the session sparks inspiration, fosters a passion for storytelling, and encourages the children to explore their creative potential.

'To our class, you are an icon. You're inspiring us to write our own stories''
Felicity, Year 6 

'It inspired me to make a book'
Bleu, Year 6 

Q & A session


A two-hour session as above plus a dynamic, bespoke, site-specific workshop.

Games and multi-sensory challenges are designed to help children channel their reading experience and budding writing skills into crafting a compelling tale.

Choose from Reimagining Realms, Magic in the Mundane, Building Skeletons and Twisted Elements  further details 


 £175 minimum for two hours on site (introduction, interactive reading, Q&A session, set up and breakdown) plus travel costs at 0.45 pence per mile.


Additional time is charged at £60 per hour.


Costs can be offset by book sales- for every book sold, £3.00 will be deducted from the final invoice.


The price is negotiable for small village schools.


Each session is limited to 30 children, enabling all to be fully involved.


Sophie holds an enhanced DBS certificate. 


Bring The Best-kept Secret to life at your own pace and from anywhere in the world!

Receive a personalised video message from Sophie recorded in her 'witches hovel,' a signed and dedicated copy of the book and a fully illustrated and professionally narrated version for your class whiteboard. Additionally, enjoy a second recorded Q&A session tailored to your class, where Sophie addresses any questions they may have after their virtual author visit.

'They absolutely loved your book and were over the moon you’d dedicated it to them. When I shared your message, they were over the moon. You certainly inspired them, and the e-book brought the story to life with the beautiful illustrations'

The video was fabulous and so motivating for the children. It was a magical day!'


'I will be using this again- it is the best I’ve done for WBD, and this is my 28th year of teaching!'

'It was an amazing day!'


'The children loved the video, which really hooked them in, we then listened to the audiobook, and some of them read it out using props such as microphones."

COST £125.00

Listen to an excerpt of The Best-Kept Secret

'KS2 thoroughly enjoyed their visit from local author Sophie Stewart. The action packed interactive telling of her story fully immersed the children in our local history and transported them back to the time of the Pendle Witches.'

Bolton by Bowland Primary School 

The author wrote her book beautifully.  She was brilliant in the workshop, giving us parts to play and a spell to cast.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and the especially the fact that there were some historically accurate features as well.

Holly, Year 5 

It was very mysterious and entertaining and most of all it was thrilling.  I liked that she got everyone involved.  Charlie.

Charlie, Year 5

I liked how unique it was even though the Pendle Witches is already a story.  The author kind of made it different in a more fun way because of the actions and all the costumes.  It was amazing and her words were fantastic.

Olivia, Year 5

I really liked her presentation.  She put lots of effort in.  We all got a part too which was fair and I liked the witches theme.

Gracie, Year 5

When the author came in, she read us her book and gave us speaking parts.  Her book was about the Pendle Witches and she gave us witches hats to wear.  They were very funny.  Her book is about Lizzie Demdike and every line rhymes.

Year 5

Pupil Testimonials Waddington and West Bradford C.E Primary School 
Thank you letters from pupils at St Saviour's Academy (virtual author visit) 
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