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The Best-Kept Secret /Clitheroe/Childrens Book

Dragons don’t often eat Lancashire folk. 

They try now and then, but the clothes make them choke. 


It may be the wellies, the flat caps or coats, 

The wet-weather gear gets stuck fast in their throats. 


A constant plume of smoke in the skies above the Ribble Valley is fuelling rumours that a local factory is the lair of a legendary fire-breathing beast - an ancient dragon, born of magic over four hundred years ago when King James 1st ruled the land and the Lancashire witches ruled the air…


Author Sophie Stewart has brought one of the most intriguing periods of history to life with a humorous tale of sorcery and unconditional love. Sophie’s imagination and wry sense of fun are contagious to all who allow their imaginations to soar.


Beautifully designed and with fantastical illustrations by Eli John, this book is suitable for children (aged seven and up) and adults alike.

The Best-Kept Secret is a magical children's book set in and around Clitheroe in the Ribble Valley
 and inspired by the Pendle witches, folklore and legend. 


B. B

..I sat down straight away and got absorbed in the most wonderful fantasy. You brought this story to life in the most beautiful way. You are so talented and I am looking forward to the next instalment..

A. S. W

...just finished reading The Best-Kept Secret, what a fascinating read, full of humour and local history! A must read for any age group looking forward to part 2 .

L. H

This book should no longer be a secret. It is wonderfully creative and a fabulous testament to the Ribble Valley. Sophie Stewart it is amazing.

S. G

Loved The Best Kept Secret by Sophie Stewart! So full of humour and history and so, so clever. Fabulous imaginative writing and wonderful illustrations. This book is not just for children......though children will love it.

T. W

The Best Kept Secret is out of the bag! A quirky, yet spooky tale about the mysterious "goings-on" in our historical town, The Best Kept Secret is a wonderfully enjoyable book. With homages and tributes to historical landmarks, small and large businesses, and even a couple tidbits of Tolkien references, it is a MUST READ for anybody living in, around, or even passing by Clitheroe. 

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