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Discover the magic of creative writing! Innovative Creative Writing Workshops for schools.

Are you a teacher looking to ignite your students' passion for storytelling and creativity? Our Creative Writing Workshops are designed to provide an unforgettable, dynamic experience that transforms how students approach creative writing. Tailored specifically to your school's needs, our workshops offer a unique blend of interactive, immersive activities that will captivate and inspire young minds. Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

Reimagining Realms

Imagine your students blindfolded, embarking on an immersive sensory journey into Demdike's world. Guided by Sophie's voice, along with audio cues and evocative scents, they are transported back four hundred years. They will experience the thrill of the 'knights chase' over a rain-soaked Pendle Hill and find sanctuary in Demdike's cottage. This exercise fine-tunes their senses and imagination, teaching them to create vivid narratives through sensory experiences.

The Bare Bones

Every great story starts with a solid foundation. In "The Bare Bones," students learn to identify the essential elements of story planning by exploring the who, what, when, where, and why of their tales. This brief yet insightful session equips them with the tools to construct compelling narratives from the ground up, ensuring their stories have a clear and engaging structure.


Our "Stagecraft" session is a role-playing exercise that brings the "show, not tell" technique to life. Students embody different characters and scenes from "The Best Kept Secret," using facial expressions, body language, and dialogue to express emotions and experiences. This immersive approach teaches them to enrich their writing with figurative language, sensory details, and a focus on showing rather than telling, making their stories more vivid and engaging.


In "Witchlore," students explore a variety of sensory-rich props to enhance their descriptive language skills. Transported back in time to Demdike's cottage, they peer into a crystal ball, listen to the enchanting chimes of witches' bells, and inhale aromatic herbs. They will taste liquorice root, turn the pages of an ancient spell book, feel the weight of King James I coins, and uncover the secrets of a potion cupboard. This sensory exploration deepens their understanding of the 'show, not tell' technique, making their writing more immersive and dynamic.

Magic in the Mundane

"Magic in the Mundane" challenges students to write about familiar settings with a fantastical twist. Through art and design, character mapping, and profiling, they bring their narratives to life, blending the everyday with elements of myth and imagination. This exercise fosters their storytelling skills and encourages them to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Anatomy of a Dragon

In this art and design exercise, students enhance their descriptive language and use of vivid imagery by delving into the "Anatomy of a Dragon." They will create detailed illustrations and descriptions of dragons, pushing their creative boundaries and enriching their narrative techniques.

Twisted Elements

"Twisted Elements" is a selection of creative writing games that include a mythological adaptation of Story Dice. Students roll the dice to determine the setting, character, conflict, and plot, turning the writing process into a fun and unpredictable adventure. These games stimulate creativity, quick thinking, and collaborative storytelling.

Our Creative Writing Workshops are not just about writing—they are about experiencing, imagining, and creating. We believe in the power of storytelling to transform education, and we are committed to providing an enriching, memorable experience for the children in your school.

Suitable for Upper KS2 Cost £60 per hour

Only available as an add-on to The Best-Kept Secret author session

Sensory props for creative writing workshops


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