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A Halloween Treat for those with mathemaphobia!

Last year, Sophie surprised the staff and students at a local village school with a complimentary author visit on Halloween. This year, Sophie still feels just as generous despite her witch-like persona.

Do you know of a Primary School that deserves a free author visit? A school where children are eager to uncover the secrets of an ancient captive dragon, where they'd prefer to conjure a baby dragon from a bubbling cauldron and experience a theatrical, poetic performance rather than suffer the intricacies of mathematics and algebra?

If you do, please tag/nominate the school on the Facebook post , using the link below

and share the post with your nearest and dearest. The most deserving school with the most votes will be contacted to enquire whether they are willing to host a visit from a witch and her dragon on the 31st of October, 2023! (Or thereabouts if more convenient)

T&C's The offer is open to any Primary School in the United Kingdom, with the exception of schools that have hosted an in-person visit from Sophie in the last 18 months.

All fees, including travel costs, will be waived if the winning school is within the Ribble Valley or Lancashire. Schools outside Lancashire may be asked to contribute toward travel costs at 0.45p per mile and accommodation costs if an overnight stay is unavoidable. A free virtual author visit may be offered as an alternative. The visit is only suitable for children in KS2 and is limited to 60 children per session. A maximum of two sessions in total, to be held on 31st October or, if preferred, on a date and time convenient to both parties.

The final decision, 'the most deserving school with the most votes', will be made jointly by Sophie and Stonehill Press. Their decision is final and irrefutable. To be considered for entry, all votes must be cast by midnight of October 7th 2023. The winning school will be contacted on Monday, 9th October.


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